April’s parents are divorced and both of them are remarried. April lives with her dad and his new germaphobe wife, Penny. But when April’s dad says that they’re moving, April refuses. She is staying right there in her home town. She couldn’t be uprooted when she only has a semester left of junior year! She has to find a way out… and she does.

April’s friend, Vi, has a slightly irresponsible actress mother who is out of town while shes on tour in Mary Poppins. So April and Vi decide that it would be awesome if they lived together at Vi’s house. Of course, April and Vi both know that April’s dad won’t go for it. So with some acting as Vi’s mom and making a few new fake email accounts, it all works out! And April stays with Vi at Vi’s house. But things don’t go exactly as planned. And maybe 16 year olds shouldn’t be living alone…

This book is HILARIOUS! And cute, and awesome! And it would also make a great beach read! So it’s definitely a GREAT summer read too! And what a fun book! Living with your friend at 16, parentless?! That sounds pretty fun! Of course, until things go wrong. And you accidentally adopt a cat, and buy a hot tub… tee hee! Now you really want to know about the hut tub don’t you!

— Meredith, age 14

About the Book:
Title: Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn’t Have)
Author: Sarah Mlynowski
Release Date: 06/2011