In many instances Michelle Hodkin writes about or refers to things that are not appropriate for some of her younger audience members. The beginning is realistic fiction but less than 100 pages left in the book it becomes blatantly fantasy, this is very jarring to the readers and changes the book and the characters in a way that wouldn’t have happened in such a short time, rends almost everything before it irrelevant, and comes too late in the story to make sense. It splits the book into what seems like two separate books. In addition, in that fantasy portion, every character other than the two main characters are completely eradicated from the story which was not the case in the beginning and made that a better story. Also, many smaller conflicts, stories, and even characters within the book are dropped with no resolution. Many things are not explained clearly and leaves readers confused. The villain in this story has changed over and over. In short, this could have been a better book.

— Mackinsey, age 14

About the Book:
Title: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
Author: Michelle Hodkin
Release Date: 09/2011