This book is a story about Eve, a girl who lost her mother, the only parent she had, to the plague that swept the earth in the year 2015. She was taken to the School, a place for orphaned girls, where she learned manners, core subjects, and the “dangers” of men. But none of this can help her when she finds out the terrible truth about her school and decides to run away. On the way, she meets another runaway girl, and Caleb, a reckless boy living in the wild. He gains her heart on their journey together, but she soon has to choose between her love, and her life.

This book could be an epic tale of love and strength, but the characters lack definition, so they seem like strangers, and the motivations for some things do not match the personalities that have been created earlier in the story. In addition, the love between Caleb and Eve is not built up to, it is just declared. And lastly, the storyline jumps around quite a bit. Otherwise, the story is quite good.

— Mackinsey, age 14

About the Book:
Title: Eve
Author: Anna Carey
Release Date: 10/2011