What would you do in a world where a group of men called the Brotherhood controlled almost every aspect of your life: who you marry, how you act, where you work? How would you feel if every young woman had to live in fear of learning too much, being to brazen, or seeming too odd, lest she be accused of being a witch, the consequence of which is being sent off to the insane asylum or prison? What if you really were a witch? For Cate Cahill, all of this is a reality.

In 19th century New England lays the small town of Chatham, where Cate, Maura, and Tessa Cahill reside. With her mother dead and her father absent most of the year, Cate has been left to care for her sisters and keep them, along with their magic, under the radar of the Brotherhood. But when their father insists upon a new governess for the girls, Cate realizes they are in more danger than ever. As the days go by, Cate’s Intention Ceremony, where she must announce her loyalty to the lord or her husband to be, looms on the horizon. Paul, her old friend, blatantly vies for her hand, but her heart belongs to Finn Belastra, her star-crossed gardener. Looking for answers, any answers at all to her problems, Cate searches her mother’s room and finds her diary. In it she discovers the last prophecy of the Daughters of Persephone, which declares that three sisters, all witches, will come of age before the twentieth century and that one of them, the strongest, will be the key of the second golden age of witches, or the start of the second terror. Now Cate must choose between the Sisterhood and the life she always wanted with the man she loves. But as is the case with all hard decisions, not everything is as it seems.

This story was absolutely amazing! The way the magic was done, and the extent of their power, was much more believable than in some other books. The way the author embeds the twists and turns in the plotline is phenomenal; they were unsuspected and just made the novel better. If you liked Prophecy of the Sisters, you’ll love this book.

About the Book:
Title: Born Wicked
Author: Jessica Spotswood
Release Date: 02/2012