Kai Zōu and Yún are commanded by the Ghost Dragon King to travel to the Phoenix Empire to bring Lian, Lóng City’s princess, back to Lóng City, because her father, the King, is dying. The Ghost Dragon King has his suspicions that his death is not natural. Kai and Yún travel very far to find her. Once they get to Phoenix City, the capital of the Phoenix Empire, they meet Quan, a friend of Lian, who brings them to her. She tries to leave, but the Emperor makes it impossible for her to leave without being disrespectful to him. As Kai, Yún, and Quan snoop around, they find out the Emperor has a plot to keep Lian here, and steal all of the magic from Lóng City. Once they find out, the four of them escape through a hidden passageway and run for their lives.

I am not a fan of this book. To start off, it just didn’t hook me. I finally became more interested at about page 200, but that’s too long to wait. During the first 200 pages, Kai and Yún travel. That’s it. Nothing happens. They get attacked by assassins once, but that lasts only a page and it’s back to traveling.

Throughout the entire book the author uses italics to show terms that are from her character’s native language, but she never explains them. Some are easy to figure out, but others…not so much. She also continues to reference another adventure that these characters went on, and it makes me feel like I missed the first books, even though there isn’t one.

Finally, at the very end of the book, the conflict is resolved in one page. I feel like it needed a little more stretching out and explaining. It’s the highlight of the story; it should be treated as such.

Though I wasn’t very interested in the story, she did a great job of developing characters, and I grew fond of them.

— Mackinsey

About the Book:
Title: Fox & Phoenix
Author: Beth Bernobich
Release Date: 10/2011