Wally was adopted from Russia at a young age. Today, she lives on the streets, by choice, making her way however she can. A mysterious package left for her leads her on a search for the mother she can’t remember. She finds out that her father, an escaped Russian villain, is also searching for her mother. But why? Can she find and save her mother before her father can capture her?

Her search leads her to many different paths, which she must decide to risk or pass up. Will she find the answer first?

The plot of this book is realistic and plausible without being familiar or over-done. Very well researched, the book fits together well and helps draw the reader deeply into Wally’s story. I like how the plot builds speed, but never is slow. This story relates to real people and real emotions, which is something not seen  much in literature these days! Very well written book.

PS- The names on this book are my very favorite part!(Yalena Mayakova is my very favoritist character name now!)

— Gretchen, age 13

About the Book:
Title: Dark Eyes
Author: William Richter
Release Date: 03/2012