The Everneath is an enticing tale about a high school girl, Nikki Beckett, who has been in the Everneath, which is basically hell. In the Everneath Nikki was drained of her emotions by Cole, who is an immortal from hell that lives off of humans emotions. Nikki is then sent back home for five and a half months, during which she must say goodbye to her family, and to her ex-boyfriend Jack Caputo, whom Nikki is completely infatuated with, and whose love is what helped her survive the Everneath. Throughout the story Nikki faces complications with Jack, her family, and with Cole, who is trying to convince her to become an Everling and rule the Everneath by his side as queen.

I recommend this book to people who enjoy love stories that have good background history to them, along with some action. This book is mainly about love, but also has a surprising dark feeling to it that makes one feel a little awkward while reading it. It highlights the decisions that people have to make between choosing what is wrong, but easy or what is right, but painful. This book also beautifully shows all the levels of love, and the reader brilliantly sees all the characters go through all the complications and emotions that are associated with love. I have to admit though that I was more excited about the book at the beginning then I was after I finished it. For some reason the book just didn’t build as much as you expect it to when you start it. In my opinion this book has a very good beginning and a very surprising ending, but it takes a little longer than I would like for the book to get to its climax. Also the character development in my opinion was a little odd, for you have some characters who don’t really change much throughout the book, but then you have some, like Jack, who you expect to become all tough and manly, but instead they turn out, in my opinion, to be slaves to love. Overall I think that this was a fairly good book and recommend it to teenage girls around the ages of thirteen and sixteen. I also recommend it to teens that are looking for romance with some action and mystery mixed
in, that is a pretty easy read as well.

–Jacqueline, age 15

About the Book:
Title: Everneath
Author: Brodi Ashton
Release Date: 01/2012