Genna and Dan’s town is in a shaky balance with the Nightlings, creatures not quite like humans. No human ever goes into the forest at night, this is a Nightling time. Genna and Dan desperately try to find a way to save their mother, who is sick, by gathering magical sap from the trees at night even though this is said to be the Nightling’s time in the treaty signed years ago. If they save their mother then the evil Banris will stop trying to marry her while she is in a daze from her sickness. The Nightlings catch them and bring them to their homeland. When they are there, they bargain for their freedom and their mother’s health with the cruel king of the Nightlings, who would like nothing more than to see them fail. Yarri, a Nightling slave, helps them, but only if they ask for the mythical “Ruby Key” which will save the Nightling slaves from the King’s oppressive reign. She also tells them about how Banris has made a bargain with the Nightling king for immortality. The price is the death of all his children (which he doesn’t have), as well as purple silk, which the Nightlings can’t make, and a lot of sap collected in the daytime. He was trying to marry Genna and Dan’s mom so he could kill them! Genna and Dan set out on a quest to find Doyoti, the mythical person who has the Ruby Key in order to set the Nightlings free. If they don’t succeed, their entire town will suffer, and they, and Yarri, will die by the king’s hand.

Intriguing, enthralling, a must read. It’s impossible to write a summary that does it justice, but I did my best.

— Mackinsey, age 14

About the Book:
Title: Ruby Key
Author: Holly Lisle
Release Date: 04/2008