At first glance, I wasn’t too excited about Dark Eyes, because I didn’t like the cover or the title. But then I read the synopsis, and I COULDN’T WAIT! I love thrillers, especially ones with a hint of mystery and majorly conflicted characters. Dark Eyes by passed every one of my expectations and it’s now one of my favorites for the year!

Wally is one of those characters who you don’t immediately like. I didn’t understand why she would trade a life of privilege and wealth for a life on the streets, but after a few chapters and an opportunity to get to know the characters, I understood: Wally wanted a place where she felt she had some power, and with her “crew” is where she got that. I really loved Wally’s confidence and incredible talent for doing damage. She was a fantastic heroine with some breath-taking fight scenes.

Her “crew” was one of my favorite parts of the book. I wish they had been featured more, because I really loved all of her friends – Ella, Tevin, and Jake – especially Ella. She was the kind of girl who had just been treated horribly as a young girl but had developed into a sweet and caring one who had a huge heart.

Tevin was fantastic, although I didn’t quite understand the romance that sparked between him and Wally. It felt a little rushed and maybe with a little more background it would have made more sense. Jake was a bit annoying, but his hard outside was fully understandable for his situation.

The plotline of Dark Eyes was fantastic – it had layers of two mysteries the whole book, and caught in the middle was Wally, misleading everyone and conducting her own investigation. Some of the characters really surprised me, especially when they got their chance to shine.

The ending felt like the author couldn’t really decide on what to do, and ended up making it slightly confusing for the reader, but I think the very, very ending was great!

Dark Eyes is now one of my favorite thrillers for it’s diversity and originality. Fantastic debut, William Richter!

— Willa, age 13

About the Book:
Title: Dark Eyes
Author: William Richter
Release Date: 03/2012