Helen Cartwright thought she had a normal life. She played games with her father and mother, she had teatime with her friend Wren, and she goes through decorum lessons with her parents. But one night, during her parents’ usual meetings, a ruckus breaks out, resulting in the loss of her home and the death of her parents. Alone and heartbroken, Helen has to turn to the Channings, two brothers whose only connection to Helen are a piece of paper. Darius and Griffin Channing, however, are not your average brothers; they are part of a secret organization called the Keepers, who are the descendants of Angels, tasked with being the guardians of the world. And it turns out that Helen is part of their ranks. Her parents, through those games and decorum lessons, had been preparing her for this task all her life. It’s with the Channing brothers that Helen learns the death of her parents was no accident; that they had been executed by an evil leader trying to find the key to the Records, an archive that controls the past, present, and future. Now Helen, Griffin, and Darius must team up to find the murderer of the Keepers and stop him before he takes over the world. Filled with romance, a bit of suspense, and a dash of action, this book will take its readers on one interesting ride.

— Laura, age 14

About the Book:
Title: A Temptation of Angels
Author: Michelle Zink
Release Date: 03/2012