This book was certainly not what I expected, but in a good way. Here’s what I thought it would be about based on the cover and synopsis. Shark attack, friend dies, ooh I’m a mermaid now. *Ohmysweetgoodness… wrong.

One of the really interesting things about this book is that it’s told from two perspectives. Except not. Emma’s chapters are in first person and Galen’s chapters are in 3rd person. Another thing that sets Of Poseidon apart from other paranormals- it’s really funny. You could never really tell that from the cover, but there were parts where I laughed out loud. 

Emma and Galen were both great characters. Emma was very independent and very much her own gal. She was  confused, but she also stood up for herself and was certainly not a passive character. Galen was sweet and also really funny. He’s learning to navigate the human world which means he doesn’t get some human customs. Galen’s sister and his best friend were also very entertaining.

I’m not too fond of this cover (minus the font which I love!) because I feel like it doesn’t really represent the whole feeling of the book. The cover makes it look like a really dark book, and it’s not really that dark. And also, I think Emma and Galen should both be on the cover instead of just Emma by herself.

And Anna Banks is extremely awesome. She’s a 2012 debut author (YAY!) with lots of humor and wit. And she’s also a fabulous writer!

Overall, of Poseidon was a book that kept me turning the pages and longing for more. Fans of Tera Lynn Child’s mermaid series, will enjoy Anna Bank’s great mermaid tribute.

*ohmysweetgoodness is Emma’s “phrase.” She’s always saying it. It’s pretty funny. 😉

— Meredith, age 14

About the Book:
Title: Of Poseidon
Author: Anna Banks
Release Date: 05/2012