It was June 14, 1941, a beautiful summer day in Lithuania. However, this day was the worst of Lina Vilkas’ life. On this day, the NKVD ripped her and her family away from their home, and started them on the worst journey of their lives. On this day, the NKVD made Lina leave without knowing where her beloved father is. Now, miles from her home, she begins to write her story, hoping that one day her father will find her journal and come back to her. This novel is the journal of the heartbreaking years Lina spent as a prisoner of the Soviet Union.

While I enjoyed the plot of this story very much, I found the writing to be somewhat emotionally stunted. All throughout the storyline Sepetys incorporates dozens of events that could be truly moving, but are written in such a blunt fashion that no sad feelings are to be had. Despite all this , I rather enjoyed this novel.

— Laura

About the Book:
Title: Between Shades of Grey
Author: Ruta Sepetys
Release Date: 03/2011