On May 26, Michael Scott came to BookPeople to speak and sign his latest book, The Enchantress.
While he was here, he met with one of our teen reporters, Laura. Laura also covered the event itself.
To read her report, click here.

Michael Scott signing stock at BookPeople

Michael Scott was kind enough to allow me to interview him after he was done signing our stock books. Now, without further ado, here it is!

  1. Q: Why did you decide to write this series?
    A: Michael basically said that he wanted to create a world that was all mythologies. He decided to use America as his setting because of the tons of immigrants that have come here and have brought their folklore with them, and have made it a land rich with different cultures.
  2. Q: Do the characters of your book tend to take a mind of their own when you’re writing?
    A. Yes. Yes they do. Sometimes they come on so strong I have to write them down or they end up building relationships of their own with other characters that I never planned.
  3. Q: Do you have any writing rituals?
    A: No rituals. But he does have a schedule. Write every day. Spend the day doing research or answering emails, and spend the night writing.
  4. Q: Why did you decide to write for teens?
    A: Teens are a great audience to write for. They really pay attention to what their reading and the details in it. It’s so easy to interact with them. There’s nothing to distract from the story when you write for teens.
  5. Q: Why did you branch out and write about other mythologies in The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel?
    A: To introduce lesser known mythologies to today’s youth
  6. Q: Why did you decide to mix historical characters with mythological characters and place them in a modern setting?
    A: His main goal was to introduce characters on the fringe of history that are fascinating to him and mythologies and he placed it in a modern setting so that it’d be easier for readers to wrap their heads around and grasp what was happening in the story.
  7. Q: If you had to say, who would your favorite mythological character be?
    A: Scatha, because she’s fun and powerful and it’s such great fun to write her
  8. Q: With the series over, what is your next project going to be?
    A: I’m writing a new series called The Earth Lords; a trilogy based on older, darker mythologies
  9. Q: What is your favorite thing about writing?
    A: the fact that I can create my own world and that I have complete control of everything. I can make anything happen.