Crazy is yet another fantastic book by Amy Reed – one that is brutally honest, poignant, and moving . The characters in Crazy are very different than Reed’s others, but they’re so captivating and such polar opposites of each other.

Isabelle is energetic, opinionated, and funny – everything Connor isn’t. So when they meet at camp, Connor immediately is drawn to Isabelle, and as their friendship continues over email after the summer ends, they both end up awaiting the emails where they can be honest and share pieces of themselves. But after a while Isabelle starts to… change. Suddenly she is always angry at Connor for something he didn’t realize would ever hurt her, and the next minute, she’s happy and inviting him to visit. Eventually, Connor gets fed up with her outbursts that always result in Connor apologizing, and begins to think that maybe Isabelle isn’t the same girl he fell in love with at camp.

I loved the format of Crazy. The emails didn’t quite give you the same insight into the characters’ minds, but it gave you a different insight, and in the case of this novel, it gave you the opportunity to see a relationship grow despite the distance between Connor and Isabelle, and the beginnings of love that eventually may save Isabelle from the fate that could become hers.

Crazy was definitely my favorite Amy Reed novel, and one I hope everyone will try!

About the Book:
Title: Crazy
Author: Amy Reed
Release Date: 06/2012