Flirting in Italian by Lauren Henderson is a frisky novel centered around Voilet Routledge, a British firecracker given the chance to ditch her clingy mother and spend an unforgettable summer in the gorgeous country of Italy. She boards with confident American girls and parties till dawn with sexy Italian boys. A dream state of euphoria sweeps over her as it feels like nothing could go wrong. That is, until she discovers an uncanny connection with a girl in a painting that leads her to the mysteries of a past she’s never known about and links to a boy she’s getting mixed signals from.

Henderson takes readers on a roller coaster journey through beautiful Italian accents, catty fights, anger-fueled slaps, and buried secrets in the depths of portraited castles that drew Voilet into Italy in the first place. There is pleasing character development, a strong sense of friendship, but consists of immature feuds and British-influenced lingo. Conclusively, this novel enters an enticing world with startling revolutions and lovable characters.

— Shelby

About the Book:
Title: Flirting in Italian
Author: Lauren Henderson
Release Date: 06/2012