Seraphina is one of my favorite types of books; it has the feel of a historical fiction with a fantastical undertone that really makes it come alive. All this, combined with tons of danger, secrets, and a twist l never saw coming, this novel has left me shaking with anticipation for its sequel.

In the Southlands, next to Samsam and Ninys, is the land of Goredd. Here lives Seraphina, who, from the moment she was born, was considered different and, well … horrifying. You see, Seraphina is a half dragon, one of the biggest anomalies in the human and dragon world. Her only friend is her emotionally distant dragon uncle, Orma. Tired of being kept in the shadows and feeling lonely, Seraphina decides to use her musical talent to become the Music Mistress to Viridius, the Court Composer. She has arrived just in time, for the whole court is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Ardmagar Comonot, the leader of the dragon-world, and for the celebrations of the 40 year-old peace treaty to begin. But like it is with every royal court, not everything is as it seems. Dragons and humans alike are against this treaty, and are willing to do anything to see it go down. Stuck between both races, Seraphina is at the center of the trouble and it is up to her, along with Princess Glisselda, Prince Lucian, and other half-dragons to save the treaty, or life for both races will never again be the same.

Seraphina is that heroine who everyone loves, is a bit melodramatic at times, especially when it comes to Prince Lucian, and tends to be cranky, but is good at heart. Her subtle hints at humor really helps the story along.

When it comes to Prince Lucian Kiggs, head of the Queen’s guard, I loved him his very first appearance. He’s is the dark-haired type whose looks aren’t exactly gorgeous, but who girls fall in love with all the time because he’s so charismatic and charming. Although he is one of my favorite characters in the story, I still felt like throwing rocks at him because his strict morals kept getting in the way.

The thing I liked best about this novel was that it presents dragons as intelligent, cold creatures rather than the majestical beings they are usually portrayed to be. It was really interesting and gave the story a nice twist that made it easier to grasp, while still giving it that fantastical feel.


About the Book:
Title: Seraphina
Author: Rachel Hartman
Release Date: 07/2012