On June 21st, Lauren Kate joined a few members of the Teen Press Corps for an interview! Laura, Mackinsey, Willa, and Shelby sat down with Lauren for a few questions.

Lauren Kate with the Teen Press Corps

How did you develop the setting, and how important is the setting to you as a writer?

The setting is as important as any character determines the mood of any story. I came up with the idea for the school and based it on the feel in Savannah, Georgia – it’s a very southern gothic feeling. The setting became really important to each book and developed with each installment.

Why did you switch from writing teen fiction to teen fantasy?

It was a segway from the 1st book to the Fallen series. I love writing in this genre because I can create words and stories, and I love bringing in the importance into the stories that I write.

What spin did you put into your books that separate them from others in this genre?

It was important for me to do lots of research on what angelology was about, because I knew absolutely nothing about angels when I started writing these books, and once I got started researching, I couldn’t stop. I wanted to figure out what the elements included, what theology brought to the book and wanted to keep books founded in the theology or history. I wanted to keep the books real and true to the myths and stories surrounding angels.

The last book in the Fallen series.

Why do you like writing for teens?

I love writing for teens because it’s awesome. (laughs) It’s so rewarding because readers are smart and fun, and give a lot back I love the audience. The readers are the reason I continue to write for teens. Teens take risks and have up and down moments. It gives the character space to grow.

What is your favorite paranormal creature?

Angels! I love to read about paranormal creatures and pulling from various texts into the books.