Revived was a little creepy for me. I don’t like the scientific books that have to do with weird medicines that bring people back to life. Other than the creepiness aspect of it, Revived had a good story line that kept you interested. Revived takes you a couple chapters to get. You have to figure out how she is still alive and all, which needs some explaining. After that everything is interesting and keeps you paying attention to what is going on. Plus there is romance!

Daisy is awesome. She is brave, a little reckless, and a great actor. Those might not be the best qualities together, but they work for her. Then she meets Matt and Audrey, and her views on the world switch a little. Matt is pretty dang awesome! The older, handsome, caring brother is all Daisy can think about and I don’t see a problem in that. He cares so much about his sister and Daisy that it is so sweet. I loved Matt because you got to see a side of a boy you don’t usually get to see because they act all tough and invincible.  Revived was a very new and interesting book, if you’re into sci-fi books, check this one out! 4 out of 5 tacos!

— Samantha

About the Book:
Title: Revived
Author: Cat Patrick
Release Date: 05/2012