On July 21st, Beth Review, PJ Hoover, and KA Holt graced BookPeople for a conversation about space, science fiction, fantasy, and writing.

The event began with an already interactive crowd. People of all ages gathered around, sitting in the rows of gray chairs, clutching their favorite books with loyalty and excitement! The place immediately hushed, giving the authors, Beth Revis, KA Holt, and PJ Hoover, the floor. We could sense the anticipation and thrill bubbling through the atmosphere of true fans. Throughout the event there was laughter, jokes, and sarcasm circling Beth Revis and her giddy self. She had flailing arms and a sparkling, genuine outlook of her passions and the world’s response to her work! PJ Hoover rested into her seat and answered all of our questions with a casual voice and an easy-going aura. It almost felt like she was in a one-on-one conversation with you at a small coffee shop, sipping on a hot mocha latte with crossed legs. KA Holt emphasized her love for her new novels with hand gestures and cutesy stories of her younger days, seeming like an original “misfit-meets-hipster” character. The crowds were sucked into the ideas and opinions spewing from the mouths of the authors.

We loved the enthusiasm Beth Revis expressed when she began diving into the world of space, world-building, and the undeniable beauty of romance. Everything she was all about seemed to be rooted from her spontaneous spirit. From the procrastination to sharing her background with us about time spent in college on her own without a penny to her name! There is something intriguing about how raw she is willing to go with her readers about the process she went through to get to where she is now! She constantly reminds us that her dream has come true! There was no argue about the love she expressed towards both her audience and her job as a proud, bestselling young adult author.

Science fiction seemed to be the breadwinning topic of the night, compelling us through the imagination of the authors and the mysteries and possibilities that tag along with such a growing genre! As the event began to wind down, cookies and drinks were splayed across a table for everyone and fans swarmed into the line for book-signing. Pictures were snapped and hugs were exchanged. It was a positive aura with different personalities and encouraging feedback! They made sure to give each reader appropriate amounts of attention. One fan even arrived in a space-patterned skirt just for the event! We weren’t expecting to pull this much fun out of it! Most of all, we couldn’t believe how much conversation was shared amongst the authors and readers. All their attention was given to their fans and they showed utmost kindness and lovable character towards them. While authors can sometimes seem like natural recluses or like introverted people, they displayed a joyousness that could only be manifested by gleeful authors simply touched to know there are fans out there fascinated and encompassed by their amazing work.

Here are some Exclusive Tips they gave us for any aspiring authors out there:

  1. It’s all about affecting the readers
  2. There’s no “one way” to write
  3. Find a truthful critique group
  4. Don’t EVER give up