We (Shelby and Willa) got to sit down with the authors for a short interview after their event, and it’s included below! Hopefully it lets you know a little bit more about the authors themselves and what makes them write. (BP: BookPeople, BR: Beth Revis)

BP: What’s your favorite thing about the market you’re currently in? (Young Adult, Middle Grade, etc.)

BR: In YA, there’s any book you’re looking for. There’s something in every genre – science fiction, contemporary, dystopian – there’s everything.

PJ: It’s great for world building and romance. One of the most interesting things about both middle grade and YA is seeing how romance is developed in sequels.

KA: Middle grade is for reluctant readers, and I love as an author that I can give students that book that will make them readers.

BP: Describe your book is seven words!

BR: Murder Mystery in space.

PJ: Where dystopian and mythology meet.

KA: Is it a ship to space?

They all beat seven words! 

BP: If you could be trapped on a deserted island with two other authors (dead or alive) who would they be?

BR: JK Rowling and CS Lewis.

PJ: Homer and Tolkien.

KA: Ray Bradbury and Harper Lee!

BP: What’s your favorite thing about being a published author?

BR: That my dream has become a reality – and I’m living that dream everyday.

PJ: When kids say they like to read because of her books, and when kids tell hr they love reading. And then events like these when they get to ask questions!

KA: Talking to kids about books and reading, and then stealing their ideas. *laughs*

Thanks so much Beth, PJ and KA for sitting down with us! We really enjoyed it.