The Last Princess by Galaxy Craze is a book set in 2090, after there has been a global natural disaster catastrophe that nearly annihilated all living nature on earth. The humans survived this catastrophe by hiding underground, but now they are faced with the problem that there is a very scarce amount of food left. Eliza is one of the princesses of England and sadly her father was not a very good king. After a man named Cornelius Holister and his army of angered citizens take over Buckingham Palace, kill Eliza’s father, and kidnap Eliza’s sister and brother Eliza must do whatever she can to get her siblings back, and restore England to its former glory.

I recommend this book to people who are looking for a fun adventure book that is a quick read. The plotline and idea of the book is very clever and well written. The author also gave very well done descriptions of the setting of the book and truly makes the reader understand what the main character is experiencing. The story is well told and it was a very enjoyable book. The only drawback of the book was that it was extremely predictable at moments, and also there were some parts of the story that were unrealistic, even for the time period of the book. Also the romance of the book was told a tad bit too quickly for my enjoyment, but nevertheless it was still good. All together I really enjoyed this book for it contained a good mixture of sci-fi, action, and romance. I suggest this book to teens that are in the mood for a refreshing quick read that is very entertaining.

— Jacqueline

About the Book:
Title: The Last Princess
Author: Galaxy Craze
Release Date: 05/2012