Review: Vindico

Who deserves superpowers? This is the integral question in the story of Vindico. 5 teens become the center of this controversy as they are kidnapped and given superpowers that they only dreamed of, but they are also forced to become villains and fight against the very super heroes they admire most. However, they soon come realize there is no such thing as a true villain or hero. These 5 give form to the previously unknown grey zone. They all posses powers they should never have received and all 5 wish to be a part of the heroes’ organization. The only problem is when you belong to neither side, who has your back?

I personally place this in the top 5 best superheroes books I have ever read. Our culture has become engrossed in the idea of dark heroes most obviously in Batman and other similar heroes. This is the embodiment of that obsession. I hope everyone enjoys this book as much as I have.

— Hayden

About the Book:
Title: The Vindico
Author: Wesley King
Release Date: 06/2012


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