Where It Began starts off with the main character Gabby recovering her memories after a drunken driving accident in which she was found passed out by the car with the keys in her hand. Inconveniently though, after hitting her head very hard, Gabby cannot remember the events that led up to the car crash and there are no open witnesses. Throughout her memory recovery one quickly learns that Gabby had been a “nobody” who became a “somebody” after a summer makeover. As a result of this makeover she became the girlfriend of the most popular, and rich boy in school, Billy. It is quickly explained how the priority in Gabby’s life was and still is Billy. Throughout the book Gabby is trying to get out of going to jail for DUI while also trying to figure out how she can win Billy back.

To my surprise Where It Began is quite sad, showing the emotional and physical difficulties that Gabby goes through after the crash, her slight obsession with her first love, and how truly cruel and betraying people can be. The book itself started off really well and had a teeth-clenching ending, but the events that led up to the climax where somewhat uninteresting. I would suggest this book to readers who are looking for a book that shows a heroine going through self-discovery after a fatal event, who are around the ages of thirteen and seventeen.

— Jacqueline

About the Book:
Title: Where It Began
Author: Ann Redisch Stampler
Release Date: 03/2012