Emily’s Favorites

Shadow and Bone:
I want to live in this book so badly because I’m just completely in love with it. The Grisha an the world-building is absolutely amazing! Bardugo kept me on my toes with all her twists and suspense. Alina started off scared and pretty weak. She is content with being a mapmaker in the army, and doesn’t believe she is anything special. Over the course of the story, Alina becomes stronger and more sure of herself and her abilities. She even gets these super cool fingerless gloves with mirrors that let her reflect her magic light so she can blind her opponents and distract cats. Yes. Yes yes yes! At the beginning, I thought that Mel was a jerk. He was off galavanting with random girls when Alina totally liked him and he was all angry with her because she was a super special Grisha. Duo to my low tolerance for annoying romantic interests, there would usually be no recovery from these grevious errors. Except for Mel. When it came time, he proved that he really was a good guy. After I finished this book, my first thought was: “When does the second book come out?”

A Hero for Wondla:
I fell in love with the first book, and it happened all over again with A Hero for Wondla. The world of Orbona is amazing: a perfect mix of fantasy and futuristic. From the aliens, to New Attica, to Eva Nine herself, I could not put this book down! The artwork was, as in the first book, absolutely fantastic, and pulled me even deeper into the story. Also, there are several very good life lessons in the book, and life lessons are difficult to come by in YA fiction these days. I hope this series goes on for many books, because I can’t imagine having to finish one and realize that it was the last one. The Wondla series is not to be missed!

After a whole year of waiting, I finally got to read the third Paranormalcy book! The Paranormalcy Trilogy is one of my favorite series of all time. It takes many different creatures from fantasy and paranormal and combines them into something different, new, and absolutely amazing. I love the humor, and how there was some in just the right places. Many YA heroines today are either frustratingly useless fluff or I-refuse-to-share-any-characteristics-with-teenage-girls warriors. The latter is cool, but Evie is a girly-girl who can kick some serious butt. She proves that you can love pink and high school soap operas and still fight with your pink, jeweled tazer. I thought I had figured out the ending, but I was happily surprised to find that it was completely different from expected. I can’t believe this series is over, but the ending was absolutely perfect. It was all tied up with a bleeping big pink bow, and knowing there’s a happy ending helped ease the pain of having to say good-bye to Evie for good. Oh, bleep, I’m starting to tear up again.

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