These books… My god. What is Pittacus Lore thinking with that ending? Is he seriously trying to rip out our hearts and stomp on them? Because I don’t know if I can take one more cliffhanger like that. At least it’s not a Ilsa J. Bick cliffhanger. (You know – realization and BAM! book ends.)

So in this book we get the perspective of Four, Six, and Seven as they embark on a journey to join back together and defeat the Mogs once and for all. The only problem? There are some slight communication issues and it’s becoming harder and harder to stay on the same page of what the heck is going on. Especially since Four and Nine (YAY! WE FOUND NINE!) are in the United States, while Six, Seven, Ten (Why yes – there IS a tenth one!) are looking for Eight in India.

This book has so many action scenes crammed together it’s like BAM! BAM! BAM! All at once in a matter of chapters. You get to see Six kick some butt, Nine and Four show off their mischievous side, Seven develop her Legacies, Eight teleport into Stonehenge, and Ten develop a pretty awesome Legacy. As I said, a lot happens.

So get your hands on a copy, because these characters keep on getting better and better, and they’re on the hunt for Number Five, all while trying to fight off Mogs and the United States Government, who seem to have taken a turn for the worst and trusted the wrong people. Now I just want to know what happens and where Number Five is hiding…. Antartica, maybe?

note: let me know if I had a bit too much fun with this review… It was fun to write.

— Willa

About the Book:
Title: The Rise of Nine
Author: Pittacus Lore
Release Date: 08/2012