Every morning, A wakes up in a new body. It’s been this way his whole life. He just tries not to cause any waves. This all changes when A wakes up as Justin and falls in love with his girlfriend, Rhiannon. Suddenly, he wants to tell her everything. Suddenly, it’s too painful to keep switching bodies. Suddenly, there’s someone he cannot live without.

I really loved this book. The story line is original and mysterious and really hooks the reader. A’s tragic life really makes me feel grateful for the stability of a repetitive lifestyle. My only complaint is that when Poole, a reverend who claims he knows how to stay in one body for more than a day, is introduced to the story, I feel like there should be more with him, or he shouldn’t be there at all. He kind of becomes the villain in the end of the story and then is dropped. It feels a little inconclusive to have him there.

— Mackinsey

About the Book:
Title: Every Day
Author: David Levithan
Release Date: 09/2012