What can I say? This book is amazing! I loved almost every part of it! I laughed, I cried, and I enjoyed this book enough to read it in under one day! With school, that’s a tough feat!
With every good book I’ve read lately they have had an amazingly strong female lead. The trend keeps going with Tempest. With her mom abandoning her and her family when she was 10, she had to step up and take care of her two little brothers, so she doesn’t let anyone baby her. She can take care of herself, easily. Tempest has a passion for surfing that might have to do with her being half  mermaid!
Then there’s Kona and Mark. Two of Tempest’s interesting guy friends. Mark is the jealous boyfriend type. He always treats his girl right, but is a little possessive, and even more so when Kona comes to town. Kona on the other hand is the strong mysterious new guy who can ride the waves like a god and immediately grabs every ones attention. Especially Tempest’s.
Between the two super sexy male leads, a strong independent female lead, tear-jerking emotions, and mermaids what is there not to like?! The book kept me immersed in it 100% of the time and I couldn’t put it down! Tempest Rising is my top rec for new books to read!
Title: Tempest Rising
Author: Tracy Deebs
Release Date: 05/2011