I really liked the different pair-up of supernatural creatures I saw in this book. I mean, lately it’s all been werewolves versus vampires or just zombies; it’s nice to read about witches again, especially when they have a specific enemy all their own rather than just being in danger of discovery by humans.

Now before I launch into a summary of the novel, I have a warning. This book is kind of gruesome and a bit risqué (not that it mentions anything outright, but it’s not too hard to understand), so I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone who is sensitive to these kind of things.

The City: a world where daimons rule and witches are hated. While there may be laws, chaos still reigns and the only way to live is to fight to the death. Life is hard, but it is the only life known to those who inhabit it.

Mallory is 17 year old caught between worlds. Her mother is gone, her stepfather is a witch, and she has to run constantly to stay safe from the daimons trying to kill her. She knows she must constantly be on the look out, but, well, not everything can go according to plan.

Adam is Mallory’s step-father, one of the only witch-children who managed to escape The City during the war. He’s managed to steal something from the daimons, something important that they’d do anything to get back.

Kaleb is a cur, the lowest caste in The City. All he wants is to make his life better for himself and his family. What better way than to enter a competition where your only choice is to forfeit or die and the prize is everything he ever wanted? But will all go astray? Or will his dreams finally come true?

Aya wants to lead The City and bring it up to its full potential. But in order to do that, she must leave behind her role as a woman of the ruling class and show what she’s made of, but like all great leaders, there is more to her than meets the eye.

Life is hard for everyone no matter what world you’re in, but if you add in some secrets, a few witches and daimons, and a fight-to-the-death competition to boot, you’ll end up with a story that is unforgettable.

— Laura

About the Book:
Title: Carnival of Souls
Author: Melissa Marr
Release Date: 09/2012