This new series from star writer James Patterson features teenage detectives… And in the first one, they’re investigating the murder of their parents, where they are also suspects. Not exactly normal, right?

Well neither are the Angel children. Tandy is incredibly smart, and her twin, Harry, is a concert pianist, Hugo who is a super-strong ten year old, and Matthew, who is an all-American football star. Not exactly run of the mill kids, but neither were their parents. Maud was a hedge fund manager, and Malcolm co-owned Angel Pharmaceuticals. They live in the Dakota. They have a shark tank in their living room, and odd art from each wall.

So when Malcolm and Maud are killed, the kids are surprised, but they also weren’t as devastated as many other children. They were drilled in the art of hiding their emotions, and also, they are suspects, which makes the situation slightly more complicated. Tandy decides she is the best person to investigate the murder, and she brings in her siblings for help. Together, they can take down the person who killed their parents, and possibly make it right.

I loved Tandy’s voice in this novel. She talks to the reader, and has little “confessions” throughout the book which allow you to look deeper into Tandy as a character and person. I learned more about Tandy from those confessions than any other part of the book, and I thought they were perfect. The cast of characters were hilarious, different, and intriguing. The plot line was addictive, and the mystery continued to stump me.

I loved this new Patterson work, and I can’t wait for the next one!

— Willa

About the Book:
Title: Confessions of a Murder Suspect
Author: James Patterson
Release Date: 09/2012