I was so excited to start this one! I absolutely adore the cover, and when I read the book, I realized how absolutely perfect it is. It matches the story, and then shows Rachel exactly as she is in the book – strong, fierce, and fearless.

The world of Defiance was addictive. It was a mixture of a bit of steampunk and fantasy mixed with some slight Dystopian. The world Rachel lives in has suffered from the turmoil of a creature who devastated their society, and since then, the people of Baalboden have lived in constant fear of it returning and trampling every happiness they know. So when Rachel’s father doesn’t come back from a mission in the Wastelands, the home to the creature they all fear, Rachel has to make a decision to face the possibility of his death, or risk everything and try to find him. Obviously, she tries to find him, being the strong, fierce, and loyal heroine she is.

Logan, the man (or he’s really just a boy) given the duty of “protecting” Rachel after her father is deemed dead by the Commander, isn’t to excited about Rachel running off to find her father. Partly because this would mean he would be punished, but also because Logan and Rachel have a history… one lined with hurt and the edges of love. He is a character I loved from the start, mostly because of his kind works and gentleness with Rachel (unless he got angry. Then he could get slightly mad.)

The adventure of finding Rachel’s father was fantastic! I loved the scenery described so well, and the other side of Rachel you get to see. You see her being independent, which brings out her inner Wonder Woman. (Killing beasts and surprising men triple her age… You get it.) By the end of the book, I was so deeply attached to this cast of characters, that I simply want the next book so I can see them again. I loved this one!

— Willa

About the Book:
Title: Defiance
Author: CJ Redwine
Release Date: 8/2012