Elysia is a teen Beta – an experiment made out of a girl’s clone…that died in order for Elysia to exist.

One island developed out of perfection for the wealthy and elite.

One mission: for Elysia to serve in a household.

And she’s NOT supposed to feel emotion. At all.

But what happens when this isolated world of utopia breeds secrets and underlinings of a life so rebellious, the society of the island will do ANYTHING to sweep it under the rug?

Beta was a brilliant idea! I really enjoyed getting such vibrant imagery from the gorgeous settings on the island, titled Demesne (Deh-MEZ-nay). Where the air is pure and people do as they please, impeccable beaches at their feet and the world at their fingertips. Sounds like paradise, huh?


Rachel Cohn tugged at my heart with her unpredictable and often tear-worthy plot twists. Elysia is supposed to be the one without human-like feelings, but it turns out, she might be the ONLY one with unbreakable determination and a will to live. The last pages really built up and was soaked with vengeance and the thrills a possible sequel! At times, Elysia’s skewed interpretation of the modern teenage lingo made her irritable and seem a lot slower than she actually was. Overall, I really enjoyed such a distinctive plot that is MADE for readers to drool for more. I recommend this to readers eager to discover the life of a girl who has never been exposed to the rich and powerful, all accumulated on an island specifically for them. Also, readers who have a thing for “first” love will tear through this with ease!

Did I fail to mention there’s a gorgeous hazel-eyed, lean and muscular, coffee-skin-colored surfer in this?
Yeah. 🙂

— Shelby

About the Book:
Title: Beta
Author: Rachel Cohn
Release Date: 10/2012