Dear (Fif) Teen Year Old Me,

Hey you, sitting in your room doing homework. Put down the Latin translation and stopping thinking conjugating fero in your head. Remember when you used to love reading? Those were some of the best times of your life: sitting on the couch wrapped in a warm blanket, reading an amazing book. Why don’t you read as much anymore? Well, regardless of the reason, you’re going to be offered a book to read by the name of “Dear Teen Me”. You need to grab that book and never let it go. It’s a wonderful anthology of letter written by authors to their teen selves. It’s about all the difficulties and hardships they had to face in their lives, from abuse to heartbreak to death and everything in between. Every teen will be able to find a familiar face or story they can relate to and that can help them with their own problems; some that come with being a teenager and many that don’t. In fact, they’ll help you with a few of your own. So let’s break this letter down, shall we?

  1. Start reading again; it’s a wonderful way to relieve your stress and it’ll help you slowly build your vocabulary (which you see the importance of when you take the PSAT).
  2. Read “Dear Teen Me”. It’s truly wonderful and inspiring and will help you realize that being you is the best you could ever be.
  3. Tell every teen you know to read this book. It’s funny, sad, inspiring and just a downright great read (Did I also mention that tons of your favorite authors are featured including Ellen Hopkins, Lauren Oliver, Carrie Jones, and many more).

That’s all for now little Laura. Heed these words of wisdom and remember: Live long and prosper.

Laura B.

P.S – Let your nerdy side show. It’s who you are and people will love you for it.


About the Book:
Title: Dear Teen Me
Editor: Miranda Kenneally & E. Kristin Anderson
Release Date: 11/2012