When Lois Lowry was at BookPeople on October 15 there was a Q & A session during the event, during which people in the audience got to ask Miss Lowry questions about, well, anything really (although they mainly stuck to her books and reading).

Q: What is your favorite book that you have written?

A: It depends on what day it is. It usually tends to be the book I’m writing at the moment.

Q: When you add that bit of discord at the beginning of your book, do you know what problem it’s going to be by the end of the novel?

A: Well, I know the general idea of the problem, but the details manifest themselves as I actually write the story. They just insert themselves as I write.

Q: How did you come up with the idea of Number the Stars?

A: As you know, Number the Stars is based on the Holocaust. I became rather interested in the subject because my friend Analisa, who was Danish, lived through the Holocaust and she told me her story.

Q: Why do you use a third person omniscient point of view in your books?

A: It was never really a choice for me. I find first person and third person limited too limiting.

Q: How do you overcome writer’s block?

A: I really don’t like that term. There is no writer’s block. It’s just like every other job; some days you just don’t want to do it. But to answer your question, I just get over it and keep going at it.

Q: Why do all of your books except Number the Stars have a happy ending?

A: I think that Number the Stars has a happy ending actually. Just because someone dies doesn’t mean the ending isn’t happy. Everyone dies. That’s just life.