I haven’t picked up a Gallagher Girl book in two years, back when the fourth book came out. I’ve forgotten how much I love this series. Usually after such a big gap between books, I’ll forget what happened in the first books and have to piece it together as I go along. But who can forget a book series like the Gallagher Girls series?

Cammie’s back with for spying, more mystery, more evil undercover agents, and more Zach! This book had a more serious tone than the others, but that just made me like it more. I didn’t like when there was the every. Word. Becomes. A. Separate. Sentence. But that’s just a little thing of mine. I hope the next book comes out soon. There is going to be a sixth book, right? And a seventh, an eighth, and a ninth? Please?

— Emily

About the Book:
Title: Out of Sight, Out of Time
Author: Ally Carter
Release Date: 03/2012