What if a cult religion was spreading through your city like a wildfire? What about a vampire-like Darkling with fangs and blood-curdling snarls?

In Black City, disrupted and destroyed after horrific wars found it, Natalie Buchanan is the offspring of a ruling government official. Ash Fisher is a dark-haired, half-Darkling who gets to live amongst humans instead of the other side of the wall where his other kind writhe and yearn for the kill. In a city of tension, Natalie and Ash are managing to fall for each other. Just the slightest idea of such a thing would be considered heinous, unacceptable, and would result in instant death–they’ve seen it happen before. So why are they falling for each other? Especially since Ash is partly made up of the same creature that slaughtered Natalie’s father, a man who was once passionate about helping these souls.
Humans want Darklings out and gone. For good.
How will their blooming love survive when war is vamping, religious leader Purian Rose is taking over, and some dark and dangerous creature seems to be haunting Natalie’s every footstep?
Although I was initially sold by the beautiful cover of the book and it’s inviting synopsis, while diving into the book I was quickly taken aback by how deep and specific the ideas and emotions that had been springing out of the pages like fairy dust were. It tugged at my heart to see people punished as an example for others, simply for something as natural as love, regardless of their opposing races and beliefs. Elizabeth Richards creates a strong story with other likable friends that tag along in the ultimate tale of keen love and treacherous war. Teens will enjoy this book as much as I did because it interlaces peace and conflict together in the most magnetic and alluring way!
— Shelby
About the Book:
Title: Black City
Author: Elizabeth Richards
Release Date: 11/2012