Falling Kingdoms follows four teenagers who all have a part to play in the war that is brewing between three kingdoms. Cleo, a princess who goes on a dangerous journey in search of a fabled magic. Jonas, a commoner from a dying land who is bent on revenge. Lucia, a girl secretly adopted a birth into a royal family who realizes her powers and her legacy. Magnus, son of the king of blood, discovers that there are things more lethal than a sword.

Cleo started out as a girl who got everything she wanted and didn’t care about much else other than her own happiness. It takes the death of a stranger and someone close to her being on the brink of death to make her realize her responsibilities and her strength.

I didn’t understand Jonas’ obsession with Cleo. It was all Aron’s fault, yet all Jonas can think about is get revenge on Cleo. He is one of the good guys, though; he wants to save his dying kingdom,  no matter what doing so entails.

Magnus was not a favorite of mine. The author tried to make him a good guy who seemed like a bad guy; he pretended to be a ruthless warrior around his father, but in private he was much nicer. I would have liked to hate Magnus much more if he was completely evil.

Lucia was magic prophecy girl. I think she could have been a really cool character, but there wasn’t much to her aside from her magical powers.

The author has no problem with killing off minor characters, so don’t get too attached. That was actually something that I liked because in almost all YA books nowadays, characters manage to be pulled from certain death at the very last second. The switched point-of-view every chapter is cool during the battle because you’re reading four different perspectives of it, both the offense and the defense. There’s even some romance.  This is definitely one to make note of for high-fantasy fans.

— Emily

About the Book:
Title: Falling Kingdoms
Author: Morgan Rhodes
Release Date: 12/2012