I love Gayle Forman. I love everything about Gayle Forman. I love her books, I love her hair, I love the fact that she named her daughter Willa, I love the fact that she is so darn awesome. I adored If I Stay and Where She Went, and when Just One Day came out… I couldn’t contain myself. My librarian lent me a copy right after she bought them for our school library, and I proceeded to read the book during classes and finished it that night.

Happy dances to the max. This book was just way too much. It was everything I loved about If I Stay and Where She Went plus some Anna and the French Kiss action in Paris and GAH IT WAS PERFECTION.

Allyson is one of those characters who has one side I adore (the traveling one) and one side I don’t like (the un-traveling one). The parts when Allyson was post-travel, I pushed through them with Dee, Allyson’s hilarious, totally amazing friend, and knowing that Gayle Forman would pull through and this book was going to fab once traveling Allyson came back to life. And when the latter did, oh my gosh the book got so amazing.

The traveling in this book made me want to travel so, so, so badly. Gayle Forman does a fantastic job of describing all of the locations, while balancing description with narration and action. This Paris is a different Paris than Anna and the French Kiss, but just as wonderful, in my opinion. If anything, read this book for the traveling!

And the romance…. It was Gayle Forman romance. It was epic. Sparks to the max, just the right combination of lust, confusion, love, and hilarious moments to make me lose it. Allyson and Willem are currently on the list of best literary couples to date, even if they only spent a day together, and that’s about all the Willem and Allyson time you get, I can tell in Willem’s side of the story, a lot will be explained. Or at least I seriously hope it will be. This book has the cliffhanger ending that Gayle Forman specializes in – the murderous kind.

I plan on camping out for Just One Year because I need more Willem/Allyson. I need more Gayle Forman and this coming fall is way too far away.


About the Book:Title: Just One Day
Author: Gayle Forman
Release Date: 1/8/2013