Ember returns in Rise, the riveting sequel to Rift, on the run from Conatus. She and Barrow, along with Luskaz and Kael, managed to escape and are determined to somehow, someway save Conatus from Bosque Mar and the darkness he has brought with him. But with all of Conatus, including Alistair  having already fallen and members world-wide giving in by the hundreds, who does Ember have to turn to?  Life on the run isn’t easy and with so few options left, Ember will have to make a sacrifice, one that will probably get her killed. But like all things in life, nothing ever works out like we want them to; no choices come without repercussions. New monsters will come and old bonds will change as Ember and her companions do their best to survive these tumultuous times and try to destroy that darkness once and for all.

I am really liking this series so far. Ember has such fiery and headstrong spirit that it draws me in and just won’t let go! I mean, it’s no Harry Potter, but it definitely has a flare all its own. Like I’ve said in almost all of my other reviews, I’m a hopeless romantic and Ember and Barrow are just perfect for each other and, well, things aren’t exactly settling between them. Besides romance, I was excited about this book because the relationship between the Nightshade series and this series becomes clearer.

~post by Laura

About the book
Title: Rise
Author: Andrea Cremer
Release Date: 1/2013

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