Ana was once the only newsoul in Heart, surrounded by the same souls that had been reincarnated for 5000 years. After Templedark, where many of those souls were lost forever, more newsouls are being born, but few people are willing to accept them. Ana has to fight for herself, for the other newsouls, and to uncover the mystery behind Janan’s powers.

I was intrigued by the concept of a city of perpetually re-incarnating souls in the first book, Incarnate, and couldn’t wait to see where the author would take the story in this sequel. 
I loved how much stronger Ana became as a person. She had been raised by her mother to believe that she was nothing, and her initial reception in Heart was anything but positive. Even so, she overcame that, found a cause to support, and stood up for herself. 
Ana is trying to figure out the mystery behind Janan’s power, and I couldn’t help but search along with her. The story pulled me in and was evenly paced. I was kept guessing until the end, and I really enjoyed the explanation of the re-incarnation, the temple, and Janan’s power.
I also enjoyed the explanation of the sylph, though I wish that more of the creatures introduced in the first book could have made a reappearance here.
~post by Emily
About the book
Title: Asunder
Author: Jodi Meadows
Release Date: 1/2013