I really enjoyed Cinder, but let me tell you – Scarlet blew me away. I couldn’t stop reading it. Keeping in mind that Cinder had a slow start, I didn’t give up on Scarlet, and oh boy it was worth it.

In Scarlet, you get Cinder (LOVE) plus some more kick-butt Cinder moments (YES!) PLUS a whole new fab character (SCARLET, WHO ROCKS) and some more romance. What’s not to love? Especially since the new guy is named Wolf (Little Red Riding Hood reference, anyone?) and surprised me on every level. I felt like in Scarlet the characters developed so much more, and I adored Cinder even more this time around.

In Scarlet, Cinder is in prison, but not for long. Her new adventures lead her to France, where Scarlet is having some problems of her own. Her grandmother is missing, and Scarlet is determined to find her, no matter what the cost. As the two girls reach their goals, they also are treading on thin ice, with the infamous Prince Kai and The Lunar Queen desperate to find them (but for two very different reasons). The pressure to bring Cinder to  justice once and for all is mounting. Together, they embark on a journey to discover the truth about the Lunar World, one piece at a time.

Scarlet is an amazing heroine. She’s not fearless, but that doesn’t stop her from going for every opportunity. She doesn’t stop searching for her Grandmother, even after everyone else has stops, and this leads her to Wolf, Cinder, as well as many family secrets that change Scarlet’s life forever. Scarlet is one of my new favorite heroines!

I love books that tie two story lines together, but many times I feel like authors struggle with it (understandably), but in Scarlet, it is beautiful. There weren’t any holes, and the transitions were seamless. I got to keep Cinder around while having Scarlet come into the story – a win-win!

I highly, highly recommend this sequel to Cinder. I couldn’t put it down!
~post by Willa

About the Book
Title: Scarlet
Author: Marissa Meyer
Release Date: 2/2013

Join us tomorrow night Wed, February 13 at 7PM when Marissa Meyer will be in store speaking and signing Scarlet. We will be celebrating with with an Intergalactic Ball like the one in Cinder! There will be a photo booth, fancy snacks, and perhaps a cyborg or two in the mix- we hope to see you there!