This book sounded really interesting from the synopsis, and I was really fascinated by the topic. I love how Sherri brought a new twist to the dystopian genre, which is always something a big dystopian lover like myself enjoys.

Fen was such a strong main character! I loved her tenacious, kick-butt personality! Sherri took a big risk with Fen’s dialect, being from “Orleans”, but I thought it definitely added to Fen’s character and gave her some more unique-ness. When Daniel comes into the picture, and for some reason Fen decides to help him. I really enjoyed how Fen’s character started to break down her walls in many ways. She started to open herself up to him, even though that made her vulnerable in a different sort of way.

The blood tribes, along with the overall make-up of Delta life was so fascinating! As I mentioned above, Sherri did a fantastic job of world building. She analyzed why the things were the way they were, and then explained that in the dialogue of the book, which added to the plot line in so many ways! Plus, the blood tribes added a whole other level of conflict to the story that was really exciting to read. The moments when Fen was walking through town and talking about how she had to avoid parts of it (while describing the new New Orleans) due to the blood tribes made everything feel so alive!

Orleans is definitely worth a read – Sherri (she also wrote Flygirl, which I’ve heard so many good things about and am desperate to read) is a fantastic author, and I can’t wait to see what she does next!

~Post by Willa

About the Book
Title: Orleans
Author: Sherri L. Smith
Release Date: 3/7/2013