Editor’s Note:

We spent some time today talking about Rick Yancey’s upcoming novel The 5th Wave. Have y’all heard of this one yet? Warning: this trailer is INTENSE.

Ta’Necia read the book already: “It’s really fast-paced. Yancey is great at world building. His characters are well constructed, too, you get a lot of background information. It’s really good! The main character is this girl Cassie and she’s talking about the different waves that come – first the world went black, then came an invasion and then silence. It’s really suspenseful. There’s a lot of tension (and not a lot of romance, which was good for this story). Something is always happening and you don’t know what’s going to come next. Oh, it’s really good!”

You can read the publisher’s description of the book right over here.

What do you think? Seem like the next Big Thing? If you’re as excited as Ta’Necia is, then join us Thursday, May 16 at 7pm when Rick Yancey is here in person to talk about The 5th Wave.