Eleanor: Weird clothes, broken family, toxic home life.

Park: Half-Korean in a white-majority neighborhood, on the border between sort-of cool and loser.

Eleanor & Park: in love, knowing it won’t work but still hoping it might

I’ve always harshly judged romance in the books I read; it’s always too fast, too unbelievable, too just-written-for-sex-appeal. But for me, Eleanor & Park was different. Wonderfully different. It was sweet, beautiful, and heartbreaking. It didn’t take long for Park to fall for Eleanor, but she held back, hesitant to believe in young love. Eleanor struggles with wanting a happy relationship with Park and trying to hide her horrible family life: the abusive step-father, the absent father, the mom and four younger siblings trapped. Park will yell a thousand i-love-yous before Eleanor would whisper one. They’re two misfits: Park is half-Korean in a white-majority neighborhood, and Eleanor is the weird fat girl from a broken family. Another thing I enjoyed about this book was how the author treated Eleanor’s weight.  It’s presented simply as a physical characteristic of Eleanor, not as some hurdle she has to overcome in order to be happy. I loved the third person POV that switched between the two of them because it allowed the reader to observe Eleanor and Park fall in love with each other.
~Post by Emily

About the Book
Title: Eleanor and Park
Author: Rainbow Rowell
Release Date: 2/2013