Everyone here who has read The 5th Wave has loved it! That seems to be the trend across the board. Penguin has put out some awesome videos to promote the book’s release. Check out the video for the 2nd wave, which only the lucky escape.

Hayden adored The 5th Wave and says:

“Find your own convictions in this story of survival, love, and family as Cassie travels and searches for her brother. I really loved 5th wave. It was interesting, thought provoking book. The author does an amazing job showing the mental state of Cassie after the destruction of the world. It adds a hard, real edge to the book that would not have been received otherwise. Along with the amazing character development, the author will bring to life the invasion in flashbacks and show us just how much Hollywood has dulled the harsh reality. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have.” Click here to read his full review.

Join us Thursday, May 16 at 7pm when Rick Yancey will be in store speaking and signing The 5th Wave!