I’ve never read a Rick Yancey book until now. I know, you guys can drop kick me now or whatever. But, I understand why he is so well loved, because:


It was a little bit difficult to get into, but once I did, BAM! It was good scene after good scene with some slight romance in there and some jaw-dropping moments (seriously, I about yelled when a very interesting secret is let out later into the book…. not telling!)

The rotating perspectives of this book were really interesting, and I felt added a lot to the story in some instances. I loved Cassie’s point of view the best, and I kind of wish she had been the whole book.  Although I adored Cassie, I also really enjoyed the other characters – Zombie/Ben, Evan, Sam – they were all really strong and fascinating characters! Zombie/Ben was a particular favorite.

On the topic of Evan, the part Cassie-life-saver, and part total-hottie, I am neutral. He definitely had some great qualities, but there were some that I wasn’t too keen on, but I’m not going to release any details. (I seem to have this issue of revealing plot points, which I’m really trying to get better about!)

And the story line- it is so interesting! The concept of the waves that wipe out Earth? Totally mind-blowing and massively cool. The secrets of the waves are revealed in layers, as Cassie both remembers and learns about them, which is an element I always adore in novels. The book is engaging and very, very well written.

I highly suggest The 5th Wave! It’s definitely a new spin on the dystopian genre with some sci-fi in there, and totally worth a read in May when it hits shelves!

~Post by Willa

Book Title: The 5th Wave
Author: Rick Yancey
Release Date: May 7, 2013