The 5th Wave: They’re Coming for Us- All of Us

We’ve all flipped for The 5th Wave and can’t wait for Rick Yancey’s event Thursday, May 16 at 7p!

“Those men were nice to me. They told me I was a on the green team. I hope that’s a good team.”
-Andy Snowden, 12

In preparation for the book’s release we’ve posted all of The 5th Wave videos. They’re really well done, and super creepy. Check out their amazing Tublr. The site says:
“The 5th wave has already begun. The human race is dwindling, but not yet defeated; all around the world, survivors are living, fighting, striving…but who are they, and how have the managed to elude the Others? On this site, you will hear their stories. You will experience the alien occupation through their eyes. You will learn from their mistakes”

The result is a scarily realistic world created through quotes, first hand accounts and photographs. It’s AWESOME- check it out!




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