I, first of all, highly recommend reading Shadow and Bone again before reading this one (I didn’t do this in my haste to read this one and I wish I had) because this one picks up right where #1 left off. I was kind of confused at first because I had basically forgotten what a Grisha was, but I remembered pretty quickly.

Somehow, I think this book topped Shadow and Bone. Leigh murdered my soul in this book (and not in a bad way – she’s an incredible writer who knows how to pull on those heartstrings!) There was a lot more of development of Alina’s character in this book, and a holy lot more of Alina & Mal scenes which made me so giddy. I want a hilarious and witty guy like Mal. He can also be able track stuff too. I’m cool with that. I love how in this book Mal was trying to figure out a lot of internal conflicts, and that definitely resonated with the reader. The storyline in #2 was so complex (but that doesn’t mean hard to follow!) filled with twists and turns and battle scenes, a lot of good obstacles, and a whole lot of character development which I loved.

Then there’s a new love triangle of sorts, which I think Leigh handled perfectly. I feel like the outcome (which I’m not going to spoil!) resulted in a way that made complete sense with Alina and the plot.

The plot of this installment mainly centers around a new quest, returning to some old friends (or enemies) and a lot of big decisions. Alina’s trials aren’t over yet! I can’t wait for Ruin and Rising because I have a feeling the GIFS might just be the whole review. All of you better be counting down to June, because I know I am!

~Post by Willa

About the Book
Title: Siege and Storm
Author: Leigh Bardugo
Release Date: June 4, 2o13