The Moon and More is about 18 year old Emaline and her summer before she goes to college. Emaline lived in a beach town, Colby, her whole life. She had the same boyfriend (since freshman year), same job, same everything. The reappearance of Emaline’s long-lost father (and her half brother), and the arrival of two New Yorkers (one being a guy about Emaline’s age) shakes Emaline’s summer and life up. The Moon and More is a tale of finding yourself and a balance between the old and the new.

The Moon and More is my second Sarah Dessen novel to read. When I brought my copy to school I felt like I was a juicy toe in a pool of piranhas (well, nice piranhas who fangirl and say please). Everyone at school is absolutely crazy for Sarah Dessen novels so there was a bit of a mob around me when I unleashed my copy (quite entertaining!)

 The Moon and More is a fun and frivolous read. It was a nice break from reading dense novels that involve lots of highlighting and sticky-noting.  This novel is definitely a summertime chick-flick. I also applaud Sarah Dessen because by the end of the novel the people that I thought were the bad guys ended up being the good guys and vice versa. 

The only issue I had when reading The Moon and More was it was a bit sappy, but every once in a while it’s good to sit down with a sappy and lighthearted novel.

I know that all Sarah Dessen fans will enjoy The Moon and More. If you’re looking for an escape to the summer, or you just want a light-hearted read I recommend you read this novel. It comes out in June, so be on the look-out. 

~post by Erin

About the Book
Title: The Moon and More
Author: Sarah Dessen
Release Date: June 4, 2013