“Would you want to be hired as the “ugly friend” to a French aristocrat for the sake of making her look more beautiful to possible suitors?

Maude Pichon, a runaway from Brittany avoiding a lurid arranged marriage, had no other choice but to be the “average-looking friend” next to Isabelle, a girl desperately in need of a husband in order to soothe the fretting heart of her social climbing mother, the countess.
Things swirl into action as she meets the rest of the “Repoussoirs” in the agency, normal to ugly looking girls in need of jobs and willing to be drab for the sake of a decent income and attending social gatherings, balls, operas, and other highly exclusive festivities. Dukes with dreamy gazes, artists with scruffy composures, and elegant gatherings encompass Maude’s world as she attempts to keep her identity a secret from Isabelle, who she was hired to be “ugly” next to. But at the turn of the century with advancing technologies, gorgeous fashion, and the construction of the Eiffel Tower in Belle Epoque Paris, secrets don’t stay secrets for long.
I really enjoyed the opulence of Belle Epoque! It was an quick read and truly captured the beauty of this era in Paris, France. Historical fiction is sure to be a rising genre and Elizabeth Ross does not fall short.  The story is intriguing- filled with flowing dresses and opulent balls intertwined with forbidden glances! Ross made me ponder the value society puts on beauty and the deeper motives of friendship. Elizabeth Ross sheds light on how important it is to have genuine friendships, as well as to follow one’s own dreams as opposed to what others want you to do. I recommend this novel to anyone searching for a fast paced, historical fiction read filled with strong, compelling, and developed characters and awesome plot twists!”
~post by Shelby
About the Book
Title: Belle Epoque
Author: Elizabeth Ross
Release Date: 6/11/2013