Kyra, one of the Master Potioners, is the only one who can save the Kingdom of Mohr. The fact that no one else is aware of the danger, and that she has to kill the future ruler doesn’t make things any easier. And now to make matters worse, Kyra, who’s always had perfect aim, throws her poison dart- and misses. On the run from the king’s soldiers, she needs to save the kingdom and clear her name. Luckily, she’s got the help of her bag of potions, a pig with the power to find people, and Fred, an adventurer she met along the way.

Poison was a really fun, fantasy-adventure book. Kyra was a strong and capable heroine, not only physically but mentally as well. She could throw a poison dart with ease, the same way she knew how to mix up the perfect poison. Fred was neither Prince Charming nor a bad boy;  just a cool guy who was nice and had a good sense of humor. I enjoyed the banter between him and Kyra. In the case of Rosie, the magical pig, well, I happen to have a huge soft spot for animal sidekicks. Rosie was adorable and while Kyra was harsh to her at first, they bonded over the course of the story. I really liked the world-building, especially all of the magical monsters. The book was well-paced and had a several surprising twists. It’s a stand-alone, and the ending wraps up quite nicely.  I would definitely recommend this book to any middle-grade fantasy fans.
~Post by Emily

About the Book
Title: Poison
Author: Bridget Zinn
Release Date: 3/12/13